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About company

The Italian company El Vizio has secured a strong position in the European market for the manufacture of finishing materials. Today the company is rapidly conquering the Russian market, combining the foreign experience and the desire to develop in the new market. El Vizio in Russia it is the furniture edge-glued panels with the natural coating made from environmentally friendly materials (bamboo, rattan, sisal, cotton, linen, etc.).

The use of furniture edge-glued panels for furnishing furniture and decorative products for the interior has gained popularity on three main criteria: obvious practicality, ease of use and accessibility for the consumer. The standard procedure for the manufacture of goods of European quality in Russia includes compliance with technology in the production process. Furniture edge-glued panels of El Visio company pass each stage of manufacturing according to European technologies and the most importantly it uses the Italian specialized equipment.

Stages of manufacturing of goods and quality control

The product quality becomes the main reference point for each of three stages of manufacturing. The preparatory stage of creating the materials begins with careful selection and sorting of the raw materials - the wood panels undergo the multistage pre-treatment. The employees monitor the compliance with the proportions and follow the procedure for applying the glue but the high-tech equipment of ORMA will provide the uniform pressure in each point of the surface and the constant heating. Thus, the special techniques of processing with observance of technologies and modern characteristics of the equipment guarantee the desired quality of the final product.

At the final stage the flexible automatic painting line of the Cefla brand is used - the world leader in the creation of painting lines and the finishing preparations for products made of natural materials. The special application of the color coating on the plane guarantees the consistency of the uniform color of the furniture edge-glued panels and each batch at the end has the necessary level of adhesion and photo-stability.

El Vizio Company reflects the advanced trends (environmental safety and naturalness of the product), using only the safe paints for the color solutions of the collection. In the product line there are 12 top colors that repeat the natural texture. It is advisable to take into account that the differences in the hues of the panels are allowed since the material of natural origin differs in the non-uniform structure.

Features of the coating and option for use

Furniture edge-glued panels are able to expand the usual ideas about the decor of cabinet furniture. In addition, the options for the use of furniture edge-glued panels are wider: decorative panels and original decor elements, decoration of walls in residential and office buildings, manufacturing of stairs, design of corridors. The furniture edge-glued panels are suitable for decoration of cabinets and chests of drawers, kitchen facades, children's rooms and bedrooms. The field of application of materials in external and internal decoration is unlimited and is due to the versatility of the coating. For the smooth glossy or matte coating is characterized by strength and durability, resistance to burning and UV rays. Special antiseptic additives prevent fungal and mold damage. This is the case when the characteristics of the product become merits and they are presented in every product of the company.